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Purchase of Aloe vera

Before purchasing an Aloe Vera juice, should be considered several factors that will influence strongly the results expected to arise, to use it as a nutritional supplement.  

They are: origin, composition and packaging.
These factors are of great importance, because the juice of them depends on whether or not you choose will bring benefits to health. You should check the origin, composition and packaging, to be sure what the life of the product and the expected results can be achieved.
Without this assessment, it can be at the mercy of products that promise but do not meet. What good is spending money and time, taking a supplement which is expected to achieve better health and, ultimately, not getting any results?
1. Origin: on the merits, should be observed:

1 - What type of aloe? There are over 240 types cataloged and well known and used by industry are:
• Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, also known as Linne, vulgarity, or Curacao, or Aloe Vera Baker Perry, or Socotrina or Zanzibar;

• Aloe Ferox or Cape Aloe (a tree);
• Aloe Saponaria or Arborensis, widely used in Japan for cosmetics.

According to numerous surveys, the Aloe that has the highest level drug is the Barbadensis Miller, which is called "true Aloe" and which has the largest amount of gel.

2 - To be used as a nutritional supplement in the form of juice (use only), studies are restricted to two species: Barbadensis Miller and Arborensis.

3 - The research on the use of Aloe Vera, in general, they conclude:

• indoor and outdoor use, with exceptions for the type Arborensis when ingested.
• no side effects, for internal use, when used without the shell and external use without problems (with or without shell), for the type Barbadensis Miller.

4 - The location of the plantations is another factor of great weight to have a good product and reliable:
• The type of soil where it is planted Aloe has been used for other crop? How was treated (with pesticides, pesticides, herbicides)?

• In the current crop, the level of toxins they are exposed to plants? There are nearby plantations, which makes use of pesticides? These products reach the plantations of Aloe by groundwater or wind? The planting is very close to the pollution of cities or roads? How to fight the pests?

• Aloe needs to be maintained in a clean environment in order to develop their beneficial features to our body. If the environment is too inappropriate (toxins), it loses the strength to defend this environment.

• What quality control that is practiced? There are several single supplier or different crops they sell to the manufacturer? How old are the plants where the leaves are taken? The maturation (biological point) is crucial to have an effective product.

5 - Another important factor is the distance you have between the plantations and the place where the aloe is industrialized. As it oxidizes very quickly, the distance, the way it is harvested, the factory environment, the machinery and how it is processed and stabilized, contributing to the loss of invaluable ingredients to the body.

6 - What is the organ that controls and certifies the quality of the product? It has the seal of the IASC (International Aloe Science Council), which is updated annually and that proves both the origin and the quality of the product? It has very strict approval of entities in the item quality, such as kosher (Jewish) and Islamic SEAL (Muslim)?

All these questions concerning the origin of the aloe, are important to make sure that the nutritional supplement was made from a plant properly and without losing their properties.
2. Composition: the second point to which we should pay attention:

1 - What percentage of Aloe in the final product? The greater the amount of gel, the better the body's response to ingestion of the supplement.

2 - What is the content of bark in the juice? This content will influence and restrict the use of the product, because the human body does not digest cellulose, which is the largest component of the bark of Aloe. If the high content of bark is a restriction, for example, would take the juice for a while and go without taking the other to give the body a chance to eliminate the pulp consumed.

3 - What is the content "aloin"? The product can have at most 6% of aloin in its composition. More than this percentage, appear undesirable side effects and contra-indicated.

4 - What is the amount of water added to the product? It is a juice or a soft drink? The more water, lower the body's response. Water only increases the volume of the product and not their property.

5 - It is 100% stable? That is, the stabilization process is not lost none of its original composition? Has not added any chemical or synthetic that can modify or even eliminate the properties of Aloe?

6 - How many ingredients are part of this supplement? The purer best! All these questions should be asked before acquiring an Aloe juice, to be sure you are consuming something of real value to the health of the body.
3. Packaging: This third point is important. He will tell you how long you will have a good product in their hands:

1 - It should not ever be made of a material that miss heat or light, for example glass, plastic or celluloid. Aloe lost properties when exposed to heat and light.

2 - Any metal that is in contact with the Aloe, both the lid and the bottle, makes it oxidizes quickly. Oxidation changes the whole composition, making the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are lost altogether.

3 - The way it was sealed packaging ensures longer life or less, and it depends on the assurance that the product came into his hands just as it left the factory.

4-0 shelf life of the product is fully connected to the container and its seal.

We conclude, therefore, that several factors must be taken into account, as profoundly influence the result to be obtained with the use of aloe as nutritional supplement: Origin, Composition and Packaging. They are of great importance to ensure:

• Do not take risks to have undesirable side effects;
• that the product purchased is a lifetime, according to the quantity purchased;
• the results expected by the body are safe;
• the expiration date is within the established standards by competent bodies;
• and, especially, that the cost / benefit (price X outcome) for the product offered is fair.

When people go shopping, always choose the best vegetables, fruits most beautiful and best quality products for their families, at a fair price!

This same care and attention should be borne in mind when choosing an Aloe Vera juice.

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Alternative Therapies

Worldwide attitude can be seen today in the health and well-being. There is a growing awareness in favor of a more preventive than curative medicine, while people turn to drugs and therapies that improve the health of the individual, without harming the body.
The adoption of these measures have brought significant changes to the health situation in India, China, Cuba and several African countries, and begins to take shape in Brazil that has a model of medical and hospital care that much who is their real needs. The whole world watching, finally, the multiplication of natural clinical, alternative and mixed hospitals. 

Homeopathy is taught in primary schools of medicine and alternative sources of treatment, even in the field of psychotherapy, are recommended by the World Health Organization itself.
Therapies such as the flower, are now approved by WHO. In developed countries such as Germany, America, etc.., There are courses in Traditional Medicine Holistic, showing that we are returning again to the origins of the past, when treating people with herbs, with mud, water, organic food, having a proven.
On the cover of May/2001 very interesting, was the alternative therapies.  

This story gave us data that show its great development in the world. Among them are:
- Currently, about 200 American hospitals already use non-allopathic therapies to complement the treatment of their patients.
- In the U.S., 35% of the population has attended the offices of homeopaths and other therapists who do not use chemical drugs.
- Currently 75% of U.S. medical schools offer specialization courses in alternative therapies or develop studies on the subject.
- In France, an estimated 82% of patients to their treatments overlap in the official medicine alternative therapies.
- A "Holistic Medicine" moves 30 billion dollars a year in the United States.
These facts bring us the certainty that natural medicine, alternative therapies are a way for a new era in which human beings, rather than attack and try to dominate nature will know how to approach them to learn the truths and values deeper than the mind can achieve.
Many years ago man tries to unravel the physiological and philosophical mysteries of human life and seeks to find the answer by searching the most beautiful God-given, the human body.
Alternative therapies, today are no longer a dream who always chose to take care of your body with non-aggressive treatments, but it is a reality that is already in your day to day, in newspapers, magazines and television programs.  

Previously, when it was put anything in the media relating to natural treatments, was immediately ridiculed, called quackery. This type of procedure, we call the first step of a truth.  

The second step of the truth, when it is going to be fought because it is bothering someone, and the third step, it becomes truth.

We can say without doubt that alternative therapies today are no longer ridiculed or called quackery. Today are challenged, because they are somehow interfering with procedures of third parties.
Surely, we can say that we are very close to the day when alternative therapies are officially recognized by all as a great help in improving health and quality of life of millions of people worldwide
Because they enter Imbalance?
The majority of the population in the world, have some kind of imbalance in your health. The big problem is that most do not really know how to have a full health. What we know is that nature has given us a great healing force that is within us, which is our "immune system" so that we may have a better quality of life in our health, we must take care of this inner strength.
According to health experts, there are four major causes of the anomalies identified today: (1) endogenous and exogenous intoxication (2) poor diet (3) psychosomatic problems (4) genetic factors - only responsible for 2% of the imbalances.
When we study biology at school we learn that we are made of cells, which need specific nutrients to live well. The main ones are: vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, sugars, water, oxygen. For these nutrients reaching the cell, we need to have adequate food daily, and keep in good condition, our gastrointestinal system, which is responsible to take these nutrients for our bodies.
Unfortunately, the man unconsciously began beating himself intoxicating nature and his body hurting the physiological functions of your body, interfering with absorption of nutrients necessary for the defense cells are working properly, preventing the fight against the aggressor.  

As this aggression?
- Aggression Nature
Through pollution of air and water, fire, erosion, ozone layer, etc..
- The Self
Intoxication with pesticides and heavy metals poisoning with legal drugs (alcohol, tobacco, drugs) or illicit drugs (cocaine, marijuana), foods with preservatives, acidulants, colorants, preservatives, synthetic hormones, etc..
For our cells begin to receive the nutrients properly, the first step is to begin to detoxify (balance the major organs of elimination) body and then put our gastrointestinal system functioning properly (ideal pH - gut flora in good condition - absorption of nutrients balanced) with proper nutrients, beyond the balance of the respiratory system which is vital for cell oxygenation.  

Oxygen and nutrients are carried to our bloodstream, and finally arrive at their destination, which is the cells.
For these nutrients reach our cells is important that our capillaries are made where the exchange of essential substances for waste from cells, are functioning properly and according to Dr. Michael Pause (Germany), capillaries, plays a decisive role in the emergence imbalances of more than 100, among which some chronic, with millions of victims, such as cancer, angina pectoris, fibromyalgia, etc ... 

Pause says Dr. Aloe Vera is one of the main plants known to have the power to balance the functioning of capillaries.

With well-fed cells, means that our immune system is ready to fight any hostile element to the body.
Because we use supplements?
The nutritional supplements these days are a big help in detoxification and therefore there is a supply of nutraceuticals. First world countries like the United States, Germany, Japan and France, support the use of food supplements for its population, making them understand that the best way to be good health is changing your eating habits, nourishing the cells, which allow the detoxification system of the body to clear their metabolic wastes and toxins, reducing the chances of getting degenerative problems, immune system and others.
CAUTION: The option to use food supplements also requires careful attention to product quality, since apparently everyone is equal. You must be sure of the suitability of the manufacturer, for only he is able to test every shipment of raw materials it receives to make sure that their active ingredients are actually present or that it is not contaminated by fungi, eg .

Aloe Veterinary Use


The effectiveness of aloe in use in animals appears to be self-evident. In fact, their credibility rests on clinical remarkable results of its use in animal testing laboratory, not only in toxicological studies, but also on animals and on animal tissue cultures in various bacteriological tests.
There are several reasons to treat animals with Aloe, but among them, and perhaps the most important because they help answer the challenge that treatment with Aloe Vera is primarily "mental", ie, a psychosomatic cure for psychosomatic problems.

"The mind simply decides if it wants to make the body look good.
The body has no choice, "the rejection is that we often hear the purists do about the plant that heals. In answer to this, making a simple observation that animals can not do mental or moral choices between different types of treatments.
Whatever the treatments they undergo due to their real illnesses, can not come from the power of their minds because their levels of intelligence did not enable these animals and realize that the trauma involved. Whatever treatment they receive will succeed by virtue of this treatment and not because it is a placebo masquerading as medicine.
The second reason is a widely used rule of thumb: anything that works in men, it works in animals and vice versa. Needs similar treatment to animals, aloe vera is also bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, emollient, penetrating and excellent renewal of damaged tissues, both in its enzymatic activity, and through the amino acid compound.
In a 1975 report, Dr. Robert Northway, Van Nuys, California, used Aloe products are also bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, emollient, penetrating and excellent renewal of damaged tissues, both in its enzymatic activity as through the amino acid compound. In addition, he is an excellent treatment modality for bones, joints and tendonitis (common problems in the horse race).  

His wide range of potential enables both veterinarians and laymen to treat all types of animals from pets to the livestock. Use in Horses In recent years, there was interest in the medical potential of this plant and also went to veterinary medicine.
Aloe Vera products are promoted for the treatment of animals and there are suppliers who work to promote products for use in horses and farm animals (poultry and rabbits, for example).

Only the reserves, decided to use an amount of gel to evaluate the product under specific conditions, they used two forms of aloe vera extract in clinical cases with horses: an oral gel (mixed with food) and a topical gel and lotion epidermal.  

The epidermal cases were treated using Aloe Vera, based on established experience with other topical products, we used the plant extract in lesions that respond in predictable ways to other medications and compare the results.
For the oral gel, was elected to the syndrome of lethargy, which has barely responded to standard therapy and offered the opportunity to explain to customers that would use Aloe Vera because there was little to do with traditional medicines.
Horses affected by this disease has white blood cell count below normal when compared to horses of similar type, age and conditions. Often has a good appetite and can be in good condition.  

He has little tolerance to exercise and be lethargic in the stables. Some horses show a concomitant anemia. The disease could be secondary to viral or bacterial respiratory infection, but other horses there was an obvious cause and the owner simply reported that the horse had fallen and weak.
Because of the similarity with the human post-viral syndromes or persistent viral infection, it was thought that the viral agent was responsible, but so far not produced any isolation or identification of viruses.  

Without treatment, some horses will recover with rest and time, but others would be lethargic for months until the end.

In this experiment, multivitamin supplement, and antibiotics have failed standard therapies. Were treated cases of leukopenia and persistent lethargy with aloe vera gel at a rate of 240ml per day from 3 to 5 weeks. All horses included in the test had leucopenia and depression but no other signs of disease or infection.
Some have previously received other treatments, including multivitamins and immunostimulants, such as extract of cell walls of bacteria or levamisole. None of the horses received treatment while it was coincident with Aloe Vera.  

The results indicate that a significant portion of the horses respond to oral medication with Aloe.
In animals that showed increase in total leukocytes, there was also an increase in vitality and endurance exercises. Animals that did not improve were separated to rest more.

These results are significantly better than the experience with other treatments or just to rest. BIOGRAPHY: Barcroft, Alasdair. Aloe Vera - Nature's Legendary Healer. Souvenir Press Ltd, London, 1996.

Aloe Veterinary References

The use of Aloe vera for the care of animals is an ancient custom.

In seventeenth-century literature were found references to "Aloe Horses" and the boom in the industry that generated backyard due to the rapid increase in product demand.
According to the statements of Dr. JE Crewe, in 1937, the Minnesota Journal of Medicine, Aloe vera, although of little use to humans, was widely used in veterinary medicine.
But only in the last forty years of scientific studies began to see how much knowledge and practices transmitted by tradition to have true about Aloe vera. According to the English physician Dr. Alasdair Barcrof, author of Aloe Vera - Nature's Legendary Healer [1], the number of veterinarians who make use of Aloe vera gel stabilized in their clinics is increasing, as well as the owners of animals enchanted by its benefits.
In 1975, Dr. Robert Northway, Van Nuys (California), reported the success in the treatment of 42 dogs, 28 cats and four horses with tapeworm, atopy, a multitude of fungi, problems in bones, joints, tendonitis, etc. ., with products based on Aloe vera gel stabilized, Forever Living, and concluded that they were so good, if not superior, to conventional medications. At the same time also was great enthusiasm among producers of milk in relation to the gel of Aloe vera.
In 1985, Dr. Richard E. Holland and Dr. Bill C. Coats publish the excellent book "Creatures In Our Care" ("Creatures in our care"), leading to public attention the extraordinary benefits they achieved with products based on stabilized Aloe Vera Forever Living in your veterinary practice.
In this publication, with color photos and detailed information, are documented in a wide variety of health problems with animals large and small, both domestic and farm.
The meeting of Dr. Holland, then preeminent veterinary Minn., with Forever Living Products was in 1979, a time when, disappointed by the lack of modern veterinary holistic view, he sought other alternatives.
Carrying the full line of products for your clinic, was quick to see the multitude of situations - the mites in the ears of rabbits to cows tipped uterus - they produced amazing results.
The clinical success of Forever Living Products with animals puts an end to the hypothesis that the healing process achieved with aloe vera are psychosomatic, because the animals live outside interference of mental processes, though they know they recognize what is good, as we shall see the testimony of a man telling his dog showed great joy every time he picked up a tube of Aloe vera gel cream.
Another lesson to be drawn from the success of Forever Living products in the veterinary aspect of the methodology is that, even empirically, can serve as a compass for humans, because if they act on the animals, also work for our body. (Personally, having become aware of several situations where products have been used successfully in veterinary medicine, do not hesitate to use more similar.)
Problems / Hull
Case 1
Initially the wound was opened to facilitate drainage of pus and cleaned with Aloe Activator.
The area is then covered with Aloe Vera Gelly and a bandage. Five or seven days later, when the bandage is opened, it can be observed that the process of tissue regeneration is complete or nearly complete, ie, in half the time compared to allopathic treatments.
Case 2
The crack in the colt's foot ended up affecting the entire foot. It became then necessary to trim
the entire sole to remove dead tissue.
Once clean, the area is covered daily with Aloe Vera Gelly and protected by a bandage.
In 10 days the sole was completely regenerated. Typically, frequent applications of allopathic soften the tissues, slowing the regeneration of the hull. With the constant application of Aloe vera, however, accelerates the synthesis of new tissue.
Case 3
The lump that had formed on the bottom of the hull must Applying Aloe Vera Gelly with a bandage made in 24 hours was already bleeding controlada.Um new dressing with Aloe Vera Gelly, was left in place for 7 days. Was drained through an incision, to reduce the internal pressure. In less than 10 days the hull was completely redone. If any pharmacological treatment had been applied, the same result would not be expected before 30 days.

Aloe Vera in Veterinary

Animal Health - The effectiveness of Aloe Vera in veterinary treatments. Aloe vera, also known as aloe vera is a plant used since ancient times to promote health and beauty.

More and more research around the world ensure the effectiveness of their properties , highlighting the nutritional action (contains various minerals, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins), detoxification, rehydration of the skin, digestive, energizing, regenerating, antibiotic, fungicidal, keratolytic, coagulant, anti-inflammatory (contains no cortisone) and inhibiting pain.
High quality products are produced with the stabilization of the substance that is inside the leaves, producing amazing results in various animal species. The company Forever Living Products are examples, bringing the purest aloe vera gel in the form of juices, creams, shampoos, gels, toothpaste, etc..
One of the most use on my dog and cat patients, is the pure Aloe Vera Gel, a juice that allows me to better control glucose levels in diabetic animals, nurture and strengthen the immune system of sick animals , especially those with viral infections and elderly patients with neurological impairment.
Animals with urinary disorders benefit from the aloe vera juice plus apple and "cranberry" (grapes hill), Aloe Berry Nectar, which provides adequate levels of pH, infection control and dissolution of bladder stones, as I have observed in a dog with urethral obstruction due to calculi struvite and calcium carbonate.
One of the most painful for my patients is the joint involvement, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis, as they will further relief naturally, without steroids, through the continuous intake of aloe vera juice added chondroprotective substances such as glucosamine and chondroitin, Forever Freedom, which nourishes, lubricates and regenerate diseased joints.
The skin diseases are certainly one of the biggest reasons for coming to the office, and for them, or not in conjunction with other therapies, have topical products based on aloe vera in the form of gels, creams or sprays, with excellent effects healing, soothing and cell regeneration, and high power to penetrate the skin. The liquid soap and shampoo softens the hair, reduce hair loss and are excellent adjuvants in the treatment of allergies, fungal infections, bacterial infections and seborrhea.

Its pH is neutral, not irritating or burning eyes.
We, veterinarians, we know the importance of maintaining oral health of our patients through the most appropriate surgical procedures and also making prevention, especially in relation to periodontal diseases. Routinely prescribe Forever Bright, toothpaste comprising aloe vera and propolis, which helps reduce the formation of plaque and tartar and maintain healthy gums.  

Contains no abrasives or fluoride, can be ingested by animals.
Having to reach the pure extract of aloe vera, in liquid form, the launcher, I get success in treatment of eye infections and ear infections as well as the rapid clearing of the nostrils of kittens with respiratory complex parrots and "flu."
I think one of the main virtues of a good professional, is its ability to try and want to improve, to change when necessary, to study, update and share their experiences with colleagues, whether in that case, homeopathic, allopathic, etc..

We all seek for one purpose, to be respected and recognized for our efforts. This leads naturally to the quality of service veterinarian that we should all pay.

Dr. Soraya B. Oak
Veterinary Medicine, formed by FMVZ-USP in 1994 (CRMV SP-8517). Performance in Small Animal Clinic. 

Active Ingredients of Aloe Vera

The plant Aloe Barbadensis Miller, better known as Aloe Vera , contains an adequate concentration of Acetyl Manos (acetic acid molecule manosanas).

acemecaism 150x150 Princípios Ativos da Aloe Vera It has been scientifically proven that this substance called Acemannan (acemanose) produces very positive effects on the body and animal cells, especially the gastrointestinal and immune system.
It has also been successfully tested in several studies with individuals suffering from various immune depression.
This natural ingredient, also protects the bone marrow damage caused by the toxins derived from chemical drugs such as AZT.

The biological activities of the "Acemannan" present in Aloe Vera, normalizes metabolism in the cell. It also has a strong interaction in the cells of the immune system, activating and stimulating macrophages, monocytes, antibodies and "T" (derived from lymphocytes Timoci). 

The level of the intestines, this natural substance, acts as a potent anti- inflammatory, neutralizing bad many enzymes responsible for damage to the stomach lining.  

Of the constituents present in the plant Aloe Vera, only the concentrated latex, also called "yellow sap" or more technically Aloin, cause undesirable damage and habituation.
The polymer "Acemannan" of Aloe Vera is also an excellent virucidal agent (active agent against viral infections), and bactericidal specific or selective (only destroying certain harmful bacteria) as well as a natural fungicide. This polymer also stimulates intestinal motility, helping to move the allergenic proteins of the small intestine into the colon.  

This whole process helps normalize the gastrointestinal system - Bowel.

Anti Aging

Dr. Danhof (USA), a leading authority in the world of Aloe Vera led a series of studies in order to discover the secret of powerful rejuvenating property of Aloe Vera and noted that the plant's ability to increase production of fibroblast cells is 6 to 8 times faster than normal cell production.
ALOE VERA to combat aging.
Fibrobásticas cells are found in the dermis of the skin, and are responsible for the production of collagen, complement "protein" that keeps skin young and supple.
Over exposure to sun and natural aging, the decrease fibroblast collagen production and, as we age, the amount of collagen is reduced and wrinkles appear deeper and deeper.
Aloe Vera not only improves the structure of the fibroblast cell as accelerates the production of collagen, it is believed that the secret lies in polysaccharides and their humctantes and astringent properties.
"Many skin care products that promise to slow aging does not do more than moisturize it temporarily."
The production of collagen is not the only contribution of Aloe Vera in the fight against aging. As people age spots and wrinkles appear on his hands from a complicated chemical process that takes place in the body, as well as a number of external factors such as sunlight.
However, Aloe Vera contains a powerful blocker that can reverse this process by providing the necessary components to the skin to rejuvenate it at the cellular level, making it much younger, soft and flexible.

Dr. Danhof noted this effect in their own hands by applying Aloe Vera in one hand. The difference was astounding. The untreated hand, full of wrinkles and blemishes, while in another there was nothing.